Our Spa is equipped with…

  • A revolutionary High Pressure Sunbed (level 6)
  • 2 Stand Up UV Tanning Booths (level 2 and level high 3)
  • 2 Horizontal Lay Down UV tanning beds (level 2 and level 4)
  • Hydration Station Spa Capsule
  • Red Light Therapy for Full Body

We want to make it easy, simple and relaxing when you come to Tanning Agency. Our Pricing is simple. Our Staff is knowledgeable. We provide tanning lotions for members, No more forgetting your lotion, getting up sold for lotion or having a bottle ruined in your car by the Florida heat. In addition, our Tanning Agency Members enjoy any other service for just $10! (With the exception of the High Pressure Tanning bed which is $20 for members).

Call and make an appointment today and feel and look amazing when you leave!